5 Benefits of Recruitment Management Software

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5 Benefits of Recruitment Management Software

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Every recruitment process is comprehensive as it involves sourcing applicants, conducting interviews, shortlisting candidates, and smooth onboarding. It is time-consuming as you need to wade through huge volumes of data to find your potential employee. In-house recruiters may feel stressed out due to the overwhelming amount of data in a recruiting procedure. Several problems crop up while the recruiting staff is on a hunt to find the right candidate. To save their efforts, cost, and resources, recruitment management software is a one-stop solution. It takes off the load and ensures that recruiters have a pleasant experience in recruitment. In this article, we will talk about what is recruitment management software, its features, and 5 important benefits that such software can provide. 

So, without any delay let us start our reading adventure! 

What is Recruitment Management? 

Recruitment management is the process of managing an end-to-end recruitment process. The recruitment process starts right from job posting and scheduling interviews to onboarding and smooth functioning of teams. It is managed mainly by the Human Resource department. There are many challenges that arrive with recruitment management which can be overcome by utilizing recruitment management software.

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What are the features of Recruitment Management Software? 

  • Auto-scheduling tasks at appointed hour 
  • Scheduling interviews at specific times 
  • Report generation 
  • Candidate/Applicant handling 
  • Onboarding the potential candidate 
  • Customized hiring where you can customise features 
  • Flexible hiring 
  • Cloud data storage 
  • Prioritising candidate experience 

Advantages of Using Recruitment Management Software 

The benefits of using Recruitment Management Software are as follows: 

Finding Good Candidates Through Social Media Reach 

Recruitment software can help you find desirable candidates for your organization. You can avoid wasting time on other non-potential hirings. Such HR software tailors your hiring requirements to provide you a smooth experience in hiring good candidates with reduced efforts. If you integrate your Recruitment Management system with social media, you will have more hiring numbers. Not simply the quantity, you will get several qualitative potential candidates contending to get noticed by the recruiter. The different social media channels that you can integrate or link in may include Facebook, Twitter, etc. People also search for jobs through social media which is why integrating with such platforms can be a good choice. Also, Gmail and Outlook can improve communication by seamless integration with recruitment software. Moreover, HR software improves workflow and provides a smooth experience for candidates. 

Reduce Hiring Time 

With Recruitment management software, you can reduce recruitment time between hiring manager’s request to the candidate’s first day of work. There are so many tedious or monotonous tasks like filling out forms or paper work which takes up a lot of time. Moreover, reducing time is essential in a recruitment process as there are high chances for your potential candidates to shift to other agencies. Therefore with high competition, reducing time is one priority that can be achieved through recruitment management software. Since particularly IT and engineering sector has high competition, recruitment software can cater to their growing needs. Also, it is useful with the current pace of retiring-age workers. With recruitment software, onboarding is fairly easy. Right from viewing candidate profile to shortlisting, onboarding process is a smooth affair.  

ATS System 

ATS or applicant tracking system is a recruitment process tracking software. The ATS will help you to record the status of every individual where their applications can be accessed easily. It also aids in scheduling interviews and retrieving information about potential candidates right at the moment. The entire tracking process gets easier with ATS as duplicate profiles can be tracked and removed accordingly. ATS optimises messaging thus drawing in more qualified candidates for the position. It can keep a track of the messaging which invites candidates. This will improve messaging across different channels and also help in understanding which sources are the best. Overall, ATS helps in monitoring hires across different departments. 

Automated Recruitment and Better Communication 

Automated Recruitment replaces manual labour. The advantages and disadvantages of automated recruitment are similar to those of automation. Automated recruitment removes human errors and allows you to focus on other important recruitment processes like conducting in-depth interviews or reviewing the list of selected candidates. It involves a comprehensive careers page that helps candidates through the entire recruitment process. It may also include scheduling important tasks and appointing them to particular dates or times. Automated recruitment grants greater control over the recruitment process. 

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Recruitment management software enables effective communication with potential candidates and teams that are automated. To know that job candidates are available, better communication is a must. It has some inituitive tools to automate interaction like sending response emails. Recruiters can also interact with candidates for scheduling interviews. With a recruitment software, you can not only establish good rapport but also maintain a consistency in effective communication. When you communicate the aims of a company well, the candidate will have a transparent and positive view in accepting the job position and aim for the highest. Candidates will also be able to communicate well about the organisation by giving an honest and positive review about their experiences. 

Cloud-based Recruitment 

Cloud-based recruitment enables you to access  its features from anywhere around the globe. You will easily connect with the cloud service of a recruitment management company from your mobile devices. To stay updated on all the developments all you need is an internet-enabled device and a recruitment-software. 

Other Benefits 

  • Sourcing is important. Therefore, one must look in the right direction by adopting sourcing strategies to find the best potential for your company. 
  • A recruitment management software can also help you in create an alluring post for candidates. 
  • The other benefits of a recruitment management software is analytics that help in the effective analyzation of referral, internal hire, candidate’s response, people viewing adverts etc. This analyzation is necessary for making informed decisions regarding recruitment. 

Final Thought! 

A recruitment management software is one good opportunity to hire the best potential for a company. The wide ranging benefits of a recruitment software provides a good experience both for the recruiters and the candidates. This is about replacing manual labour which can be used in other prioritized hiring tasks. However, the advantages of recruitment software goes beyond the prescribed limits. With ATS system, you can not simply track the profiles but also track your recruitment progress. Overall, recruitment management software is one great tool to adopt in order to streamline your recruitment process and improve your efficiency manifold. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Recruitment Management Software? 

A recruitment management software is a technology that helps in managing an entire recruitment process. 

What is the Best Software for Recruitment? 

HireME is one of the best software for recruitment. It is available both in free as well as premium versions. 

What Type of Software do Recruiters Use? 

Recruitment management software is one software that recruiters use in today’s world. It is an all-inclusive software comprising benefits like ATS, automation, social media integration, better communication, analytics etc. 

What is ATS and CRM in recruitment? 

ATS is Applicant Tracking System that speeds up the recruitment process through automation and streamlining tasks. It takes your application to the hiring manager and can also reject the application. CRM is Customer-Relationship Management that manages the relationships or interactions between a company and its customers. It helps in understanding customer purchasing behavior and histories. 

Is Salesforce an ATS? 

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management or CRM software solution. It is not an ATS. 

What is End-to-End Recruitment? 

End-to-end recruitment refers to the complete process of recruitment starting with planning, role defining, sourcing, interviewing, shortlisting, and onboarding. 

What is an Example of Recruitment Management Software? 

HireME is one good example of recruitment management software.