Why Companies Struggle to Attract Quality Talent and How Applicant Tracking System Are a Help?

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Why Companies Struggle to Attract Quality Talent and How Applicant Tracking System Are a Help?

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Even though the unemployment figures are high, many companies assure that getting qualified employees is not easy. For this reason, the recruitment management platform revealed a series of recommendations for companies to find easier the talent they seek more. The recruitment industry has undergone some significant changes in the last few decades. With the development of these agencies constantly changing, recruitment management comes as a savior to undergo every hiring process. 

What Current Business Trends are Impacting Recruitment Management? 

The frequency of various technology rises advancements led to happen changes that have ultimately turned up the hiring process. The signs of disruption slowing down the job market present the prediction of new recruitment trends. As the job market faced by the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of changes to various recruitment processes. But the onset of the five major biggest challenges, the labor market faces, the following impact on the recruitment process getting more candidates, filtering resumes faster, quality improvement of process, applicant tracking, and getting more productivity to the job. All these reasons have made difficult the recruitment process that has given the rise of many recruitment management services a professional trend.  

Why is Talent Acquisition becoming Such a Struggle for Companies? 

Talent acquisition is currently a strategic function within the organization, which encompasses the hiring of talented professionals, in addition to personnel planning functions such as the case of organizational talent forecasting, and talent channeling, as well as such as talent assessment and talent strategy and development. Because global organizations require global recruiting with disparate needs and requirements, effective recruiting requires thoughtful corporate messaging around disparate requirements, this rises in great burden and responsibilities over the HR department. Solutions are kept to abolish recruitment challenges and rise the right tools and technologies that help in the right talent acquisition. 

What Effect Does a Company’s Ability to Find Talent have on its Productivity? 

Talent management is not just a single role that comes across, but it is committed to higher, management to develop and retain one of the most excellent and talented employees for any organization. As a significant role in business strategy, it manages one of the important assets of the company and people to make an effective employee group that helps them to develop their skills and capability to retain them. Companies face a great loss in their productivity while hiring employees. This is because filtering out, the resume and making them onboard includes a long way to go process. To retain the best-talented people, talent management aligns with the HR division that fulfills the aspirations of the employer with the organization’s long-term goals. To streamline the process of recruitment talent management work in operational efficiency by retaining the key resources. The company can hamper its productive work hours and decline in revenue if it kept looking at the hiring process. Here the talent management system comes into the picture and offers great flexibility to hire the right talent that not only saves your productive hours but also enhances your ROI.  

 5 Reasons why Companies Struggle to Attract Quality Talent 

Organizations invest in tools and technologies to pace recruitment services with constant change but they are unable to attract the right ones. They need to leverage that technology enables with right people with an adaptable ever-changing workforce. Below are a few pointers that are faced by companies in their struggle to attract quality talent:  

  • Unorganized Recruitment Management System/Process  

Companies tend to divert their ideas toward unproductive recruitment services that rise to develop chaotic leads. A defined recruitment management system manages an automated recruitment and acquisition operation that chooses the right selection of candidate. If any company work with an organized recruitment management system, then this can lead them to end up with low grade and an unqualified pool of candidates.   

  • Size of the Talent Gap 

With plenty of jobseeker companies, they still, struggle to find the candidate with the skills they need. This is the reality that choir leaders to rethink how they hired and trained their workforce with professional development programs. Choosing the top talent makes them engaged with insured skills that are filled their expectations. The increasing skill gap is an unsolvable problem that led to the selection of unproductive talent. The approach of strategic hiring with a professional development strategy approach toward innovating, hiring, and adding an updated strategy that every organization needs.  

  • Employee Versus Employer Perspective 

Quality employees come at a high cost of recruitment. It is sometimes difficult to find and retain qualified employees. The organization faces this problem to locate talented workers especially if they are looking for IT. Many employers have found that identifying talented people is not an easy job. While on the other hand employees look for obtaining some potential job sector that provides them with the greatest opportunity. The position is important along with the background and experience that align with the job description. Well, executed recruiting strategy can lead to better higher with increased productivity and brought to teamwork according to the organizational need. 

  •  The Drought of the Right Talent (Talent Shortage) 

The hiring challenge rise to give employment where the employed workers feel less motivated to retrain skills. Countless factors can affect talent, availability, and employment, and can go with changing demographics, wages, supply and demand, education, and public policies. The world has experienced a low point of ongoing talent shortage that hit the industry hard with a constant talent shortage. 

  • Too Much Water, Not Enough Well (Workforce Flooding) 

The labor shortage has become a classic problem since the pandemic. The most affected industry is healthcare, transport, hospitality services, and many other. Industries has also lower wages across their spectrum. Jobseekers’ complaint about not finding the accurate job that meets their expectations and skills. The situation arises for organizations where the position is right, but the pay was too low to accept an offer from the company. This makes employees have trouble with a shortage of jobs with ever after rising in skills. 

 Strategies for Attracting Good Talent 

  1. Offer a competitive salary 

It is vital to offer adequate remuneration for the demands of each job to collaborators a complete experience, in addition to reinforcing their commitment to the company. 

  1. Flexibility is a Key 

Offering flexibility, not only in the schedule, will make it easier for employees to balance their professional and personal life and feeling the support of the company at every step. 

  1. Continuous Professional Development 

Continuous change is part to grow and continue to improve in the work environment as well, which attracts quality candidates with the right set of skills. 

  1. Good Work Environment 

Although the work environment is an aspect that is always worked on in companies, measuring it and showing progress is also a factor in attracting talent. 

  1. Conscious Leadership 

The leader is no longer just the one who leads the team, but also the one who knows each of the collaborators, knows their motivators and demotivators, listens, and is empathic, which gave a good rise in the right pool of talent 


The process of finding and acquiring qualified professional staff for the company’s needs to fulfill any job requirements is done under talent acquisition. Recruiting of human resources refers to the talent or team acquisition department within the HR department. Talent acquisition in a company is responsible for the exploration, acquisition, as well as evaluation, and hiring of all candidates who meet expectations to meet the requirements and company’s goals. Recruitment management services are willing and able to fulfill skilled candidates so the organizations can sit and relax and focus on their daily activities. HireME is one the leading recruitment management software that enables great benefits over hiring and talent acquisition along with applicant tracking. To look forward to a sustainable business focus on locating HireME as the right platform to make your organization grow.